Arizona and several other states have an occupational exposure standard for radiofrequency radiation sources. The standard, and requirements for the registration and survey of RF emitting sources are buried in an obscurely worded section of the radiation control regulations. At the completion of the class, safety managers should understand the RF radiation hazards and the specific requirements under the existing statutes for the management of radiating sources. The class is now offered online. Please contact the office at (480) 897-9459 or complete the form on the class page to sign up. Handouts and tests are available for download on the class page.

The class has been approved for three hours of CME by the American Board of Health Physics under the approval number 2023-11-03-353.

The class covers the following topics:

The electromagnetic spectrum

Characteristics of RF radiations

Units used to measure non-ionizing radiations

Common sources

Calculation of radiated fields based on transmitter power and antenna gain

Biological Effects

Review of the frequency dependent exposure standards

Measurement tools for RF radiations

Examples of hazard evaluations using calculations and measurements.

The class is available online . For more information see this page.