Radiochemical Analysis

Our facility includes a full radiochemistry laboratory, capable of providing a complete range of analysis methods for drinking water, waste water and environmental samples. We have now obtained certification for drinking water and wastewater radiochemistry analysis in Arizona, Nevada, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Georgia. Our methods are chosen for the hard waters that dominate in Arizona and the Southwest.

We also meet Reg. Guide 4.14 requirements needed for some NRC licensees.

Uranium in Drinking Water

Please see this memo for a description of uranium in drinking water and recommendations for the test method best suited to demonstrate compliance with the mass limit and still obtain reliable data for determination of the adjusted gross alpha.

RSE, Inc. is also licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZ0462) for the following parameters in water:

Gross alpha and beta EPA 900
Gross alpha by co-precipitation EPA 00-02
Radioactive strontium EPA 00-04
Radium 226 EPA 903.1 or HPGE – GA
Radium 228 EPA 904 or HPGE- GA
Tritium EPA 906
Total Uranium ASTM 6239
Isotopic Uranium ASTM 6239 orSM 7500 U C
Radon* 7500 Rn (EPA 913.1)
Gamma Emitting Isotopes EPA 901.1

* There is no MCL for radon in drinking water or any other water source.  Radon in water is a potential pathway to elevated radon in indoor air (see below).

Prices for Analyses in Water – Please call for a quote

Radon in Air

In addition to the radon in water test noted above, we are also licensed to test Radon in air using diffusion barrier activated charcoal canisters for a 2 to 7 day test period.  The certification organization for this test is the National Radon Proficiency Program, and our laboratory certification number is 109796 AL.

The diffusion barrier charcoal canisters are crucial for Arizona as the plain charcoal test kits are vulnerable to moving air (e.g. ceiling fans).  Ceiling fans are ubiquitous in Arizona and other warm climates.  When placed in a moving air stream, the plain charcoal test kits tend to become active filters rather than passive adsorbers of radon and produce a positive bias to the results.  The diffusion barrier test kits are resistant to moving air streams and temperature and humidity variations.

The price for each canister test kit is $40.00, including test results. The price is $35 per test for 20 test kits or more.