Radiofrequency Radiation Hazards Short Course

Arizona and several other states have an occupational radiation exposure limit for RF radiations. The rules generally require that certain RF emitting devices be registered and surveyed on a periodic basis. The rules further recommend training for operators for such units. This class will suffice for the basic radiation hazards training for RF radiations.

Please download the handouts below and review the three lectures. Upon completion of the class, you may take the multiple choice test in the handouts (open book, open notes), and return it by fax or email. We will grade it and return the test and the certificate for the class to you by mail. The Email is:


Excerpt from IEEE C95.1, 1999 (Exposure standard in Arizona)


Slide Program

FCC Limits


RF Introduction and Basics 45.06

RF Measurements and Bioeffects 27.58

RF Evaluation Examples 29.40