Training & Classes

Radiation Safety Engineering, Inc. offers a variety of training courses for users of both ionizing and nonionizing radiation. In addition to the courses listed below, we also offer DOT Hazmat training for workers who ship or receive radioactive materials and require this training. These courses are offered based on demand.

Please call us at (480)897-9459 or (800)477-8691 to reserve a spot in one of these classes. You can also email us, if you prefer. The one-day short course is also available online at no additional cost. Call for more info.

Radiation Safety Short Course – Classroom or Online

The single day (eight hour) Radiation Safety Short Course is intended for industrial users of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment. The short course meets the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency’s training requirements for users of radioactive materials and for performance of sealed source leak checks on industrial sources. The short course is also approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.  Click here for additional info & registration.

Radiation Safety Officer Course  – Classroom or Online (new!)

The three day Radiation Safety Short course is intended for Radiation Safety Officers. Once completing the course, attendees will have the skills to effectively run a radiation safety program. The RSO course includes the required DOT training for the transportation of radioactive materials and contains several laboratories on radiation measurements and instrumentation. The course is an intensive three day program.  Click here for additional info & registration.

 Health Physics Principals (EEE498/591) – ASU

Sources, characteristics, dosimetry, shielding and measurement techniques for cosmogenic, terrestrial and anthropogenic radiation.  Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation theory.  Philosophy of radiation protection.  Instrumentation, detectors and environmental monitoring.  Prerequisites: college chemistry, differential equations, university physics.  Click here for additional info.

DOT Hazmat Course – Online

The DOT Hazmat Course covers the requirements for shipping and receiving hazardous quantities of radioactive materials, both by air and general freight. The course covers the new definition of radioactive materials that are considered hazardous for transportation, types of packages, proper shipping names, labeling, the completion of shipping manifests, and emergency response.  Click here for additional info & registration.