Radiation Safety Officer Course

Upcoming Classroom Dates:  December 9 – 11, 2019, May 19 – 21, 2020.

Also Available Online: No

Class Fee: $725

Location: Radiation Safety Engineering Classroom

Length: 3 Day Course

The three day Radiation Safety Short course is intended for Radiation Safety Officers. Once completing the course, attendees will have the skills to effectively run a radiation safety program. The RSO course includes the required DOT training for the transportation of radioactive materials and contains several laboratories on radiation measurements and instrumentation. The course is an intensive three day program that includes the topics listed below.

The cost for the Radiation Safety Officer course is $725 per person. The course is offered at the RSE training facility in Chandler, Arizona.

An RSO training certificate and preceptor statement is also offered for those students that successfully complete EEE498/591 at the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at ASU.  Click here for more information on that course.

RSO Course Topics Include:

  • Review of Mathematics Principles
  • Review of Physics Principles
  • Atomic Structure and Physics
  • Units of Radiation and Radioactivity
  • Sealed Source Leak Checks
  • Types of Ionizing Radiations
  • Radiation Shielding Principles
  • Units of Radiation Risk
  • Use of Pocket Dosimeters
  • Dose Estimates for Gamma Emitting Nuclides
  • Acute Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiations
  • Long Term Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiations
  • Typical Radiation Doses from Background, Medicine, and Industry
  • Dose Limits for Occupationally Exposed Individuals
  • Techniques for Limiting Radiation Doses to Personnel
  • Radiation Warning Signs
  • Shipping Labeling Requirements
  • Instrument Overview and Selection of Radiation Survey Instrument
  • Department of Transportation Regulations Introduction
  • Radioactive Materials Package Requirements
  • Dose Rates and Removable Contamination of Packages
  • Marking and Labeling of Packages
  • Shipping Papers
  • Shipping By Aircraft
  • Excepted Packages
  • Personnel Dosimetry
  • License Requirements
  • Area Surveys
  • Calibration and QC of Instrumentation
  • Radiation Safety Training
  • Disposal of Radioactive Materials
  • Laboratory On Use of GM Survey Meters
  • Laboratory Specific to Course Attendees
  • Laboratory on Smear Counting
  • Laboratory on Emergency Response
  • Laboratory On Proper Labeling and Receiving of Packages

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