Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP)

EPA Method 1312

This method measures the mobility of analytes present in soils, tailings, and wastes.  In our case, the test is used to measure the mobility of radionuclides in soils and wastes when leached with neutral pH water. The soil or other solid is placed in a specified container with a 20:1 volume of water at pH 4.2 or 5, and is agitated with a tumbler for 18 hours.  The solids are separated from the liquid by filtration, and the aqueous phase is analyzed for the radionuclides of interest.

All soils and most waters contain quantities of uranium, radium, and other natural radionuclides in varying concentrations.  For mill tailings and other sources that have the potential to increase the concentrations in groundwater, this test helps determine the mobility of the radionuclides in the test material.

The test normally takes two to three days for the leaching and separation.

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