Radiation Safety Officer Course Lectures

The online RSO course is offered as a combination of live-streamed Zoom meetings for question and answer and problems solving sessions, and as pre-recorded lectures and labs that may be viewed at your convenience. All handouts, lecture slides, and tests were sent out ahead of the class and should be in your possession. You will receive an invitation to the live-streamed meetings of the class before the course convenes.

There are two tests, one for the DOT section, and one for the overall course. Both tests are open-book and open-note tests. Please complete these tests and scan and email them to admin@radsafe.com. Alternatively, you may fax them to (480) 892-5446 or just mail them in. The tests will be graded and returned with the two course certificates. You need to retain both the tests and the certificates for your records.

If you wish to take any future class online, please contact the office at (480) 897-9459 or (800) 477-8691 to have all of the course materials, handouts, and tests sent to you.

Use the links below to access each of the lectures and the labs. Call either of the above numbers if you have any difficulties. It should take about 40 hours to complete all of the lectures, labs, Zoom Q&A Sessions, homework, and the two tests.

Please note that Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time and does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so we are on Pacific Daylight time during the summer.

Day 1


7:30 AM – Live Zoom Session: Introduction, review of handouts, course structure.

Introduction (20:28) Intro

Radiation (43:28)Radiation

Radioactivity (60:13)Types

Radiation Characteristics (38:40)Characteristics

9:30 AM and 2:30 PM – Live Zoom Sessions: Review lectures, Q&A


Radiation Dose and Units (41:52)Rads

Radiation Detection Instruments (44:03)Instrumentation

Survey Meters (33:27)Meters

Lab 1 (29:00). Radiation Characteristics

2:30 PM – Live Zoom Session: Review afternoon lectures and homework

HomeworkRead Section 1 of the DOT binder.

Day 2


DOT Hazmat Class. See: DOT Class

9:30 AM – Live Zoom Session: Review DOT Course and DOT test.

DOT Test: Open Book and note. Scan and submit when complete


DOT Test: Open Book and note. Scan and submit when complete

Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (48:59)Bioeffects

Radiation Exposure Standards (42:29): Limits

2:30 PM – Live Zoom Session: Review Day 2 afternoon lectures and Homework

Homework: Read Shielding of Gamma Radiation in the back of Section 1

Day 3


Time, Distance and Shielding (31:30)TDS

Radiation Protection Practices (43:43)Best Practices

Applications (60:37)Apps

X-Ray Lab (15:36) : X-Rays

Counter Calibration Lab (13:03): See: Lab Counter Lab

9:30 AM Live Zoom Session: Review Morning Lectures and Q&A


Shielding of Gamma Radiation (47:08): See Point Kernel Methods

Shielding of Gamma Radiation (34:18) : See Monte Carlo

Shielding Lab (50:03): See L Block

Radiotoxicity Considerations (50:02): See Radiotoxicity

2:30 Live Zoom Session: Review Shielding and Exercise

Homework: Shielding Exercise

Day 4

Management AM

Introduction (21:52): See: Management Introduction

Personnel Dosimetry (28:56): See: Dosimetry

Surveys (26:05): See: Surveys

Effective Dose (27:20): See: Effective Dose

Leak Tests & Training (20:57): See: Leak Tests

9:30 AM: Live Zoom Session: Review morning Lectures and Q&A.

Management PM

Air Sample Lab (36:52). See: Air Lab

Radwaste Disposal (29:38): See: Radwaste

2:30 PM – Live Zoom Session: Review Class and Final Test

Final Test: Open book and note. Scan and submit when complete.  

Additional Information Regarding COVID-19 Regulatory Relief:

COVID-19 Regulatory Relief. See: COVID-19

NRC Regulatory Relief Form Letter: See: Reg Relief

NRC Table: See: Justification

Agreement State Letter: See: Letter

EPA Compliance COVID-19 Memo: EPA

Optional RF Hazards Class

Some states, like Arizona, have occupational exposure standards for Radiofrequency Radiations. These rules require registration of certain RF emitting devices, surveys, and training for operators of the devices. This class meets the State guidance for training and will also familiarize EHS managers with the RF hazards, rules and requirements. The class has been approved for three hours of CME by the American Board of Health Physics under the approval number 2023-11-03-353. This optional class is free for students of the RSO class. If interested, please see RF Hazards Class.